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Fini Compressors

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With more than 60 years of experience, 1300 employees and five production sites, Fini is a global leader in the compressed air sector. The high quality standards, the constant study of innovative products, the ongoing investment in R & D and special attention to Clients' needs are the values for which FINI and its products have always stood out: 10 million compressors in 120 countries worldwide that every day operate manufacturing processes and meet a variety of needs from industries and professionals in terms of compressed air. Synonymous with quality, durability and reliability, Fini does not just have one of the most complete ranges of air compressors, but it is, most of all, a standard-setting firm on the industrial compressed air landscape.
815 RON (fara TVA)
969,85 RON (TVA inclus)
4.041 RON (fara TVA)
4.808,79 RON (TVA inclus)
4.877 RON (fara TVA)
5.803,63 RON (TVA inclus)
669 RON (fara TVA)
796,11 RON (TVA inclus)
627 RON (fara TVA)
746,13 RON (TVA inclus)
1.472 RON (fara TVA)
1.751,68 RON (TVA inclus)
10.382 RON (fara TVA)
12.354,58 RON (TVA inclus)
8.214 RON (fara TVA)
9.774,66 RON (TVA inclus)
6.458 RON (fara TVA)
7.685,02 RON (TVA inclus)
3.560 RON (fara TVA)
4.236,40 RON (TVA inclus)
2.504 RON (fara TVA)
2.979,76 RON (TVA inclus)

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